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Terms & Conditions


1.1 TEILENSTOCK in these terms and conditions refers to an 'eenmanszaak' founded under Dutch law and registered at the chamber of commerce under number 61429228.
1.2 TEILENSTOCK is a webstore selling used carparts, the store can be visited through and all of it's international affiliate-pages
1.3 'Customer' refers to any visitor of our webshop, be it a natural person or a formal entity (company) that orders a product.
1.4 These terms and conditions (schortened to 'Terms'), align with the standardised Terms for homeshopping and webstore certificate created by Dutch independent federation of consumers 'Consumentenbond' 

2.1 These Terms apply on every offer, order or agreement made via the webstore overruling any other Terms imposed.
2.2 By accepting an offer, making an order as well as paying for an order customer actively accept to these Terms.
2.3 Only if confirmed by TEILENSTOCK in a written statement will there be exceptions from these Terms. In the case of such an exception, any other part of these Terms are considered fully applicable.

3.1 The products on our site are used parts in reasonable condition. Previous use will be described by TEILENSTOCK to the best of our abilities and knowledge. TEILENSTOCK does not guarantee the correct functioning of products sold via our webstore. The risk of (partial) non-functioning of the products is a risk customer is fully aware of. Damages or defects found in our products are no arguments for refunding of the product. This is an integral part of the functioning of TEILENSTOCK, accepted by the customer. 
3.2 Customer will report by mail to TEILENSTOCK any deviations between the product ordered and the delivered product within 14 days of arrival of the shipment. In cases where products do not match descriptions or photographs on article 3.1 is not applicable. In these cases product returns are accepted and will be fully refunded upon return-arrival of the complete and undamaged product .

4.1 All prices quoted on and our written communication are in Euro, including value added tax for the Netherlands. VAT is not separately mentioned. No VAT is applied on our used products as this is not applicable in the Dutch tax arrangement 'Marge-regeling'
4.2 Payment are always made in advance through Ideal, Paypal, Mister cash, creditcard or any other form of online payment or bank transfer.

5.1 Products are Shipped with DHL unless stated otherwise.
5.2 TEILENSTOCK does not take responsibility for items lost in transit once handed over to DHL. Our standard Shipping is non-insured and no-signature required. We do not ship on 'cash on delivery'-basis. 

6.1 Immediately after making an order our customer will recieve a request for payment. An up to dat list of payment methods supported can be found on . After recieving full payment customer recieves an invoice stating the total amount payed including shippingcharges. 

7.1 TEILENSTOCK strives to supply orders made to the shipping company on the next workday after receiving full payment. TEILENSTOCK is not obliged to hand over orders made within 2 workdays, and no damage-claims can be made for delayed shipment. Customer always receives a digital notice via e-mail stating name of the freight-company handeling the order and trackingnumber if available. 
7.2 Incomplete orders will not be sent. Customer will immediately be informed if an order can't be sent out complete by e-mail.
7.3 Delivery will be made to the address provided by the customer when making the order. TEILENSTOCK is not responsible for errors made by customer in the delivery address or changes made to the address after handing the order to the freight company. 

8.1 Returns are only accepted in cases when TEILENSTOCK has delivered products that are unequal to the discriptions and photographs on our site. Customer is responsible for checking the applicability of the part to their vehicle. The MPN-number is leading in any conflicts about fitment. Returns can only be accepted based on a customer complaint made to within 14 days after receiving the item.
8.2 Shippingcharges for returns based on confirmed errors by TEILENSTOCK will be refunded to customer. Customer will arrange for return shipping within 7 days after receiving a request to return the product. 
8.3 TEILENSTOCK will refund the return shipping charge and the original amount payed fort he order to customer within 7 days of recieving the item in equal condition.

9.1 Personal data will only be used for purpose of fulfilment of an order.
9.2 Any personal data provided by customer will be kept safe and will never be provided to third parties without concent of customer.

10.1 TEILENSTOCK can never be held responsible for damage resulting from delivered products nor damage to vehicles or other damages resulting from the fitment or use of our products.

11.1 On all right, obligations, offers, orders and agreements made under these terms and conditions, fall under Dutch law.
11.2 Any conflicts between TEILENSTOCK and others will be settled at the appropriate Dutch court of law.